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21-Day Guided Journal Series
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About the 21-Day Guided Journal Series

Welcome to the 21-Day Guided Journal Series. Each age-specific journal has the potential to change lives! The carefully crafted prompts provide the tools to bring more kindness and empathy into anyone's daily life.

K.M. Walton thoughtfully designed each version of the 21-Day Guided Journal Series to make an impact in just 21 days. She spent 12 years as a middle school teacher and is currently a public speaker and young adult author. The exciting 21-Day Guided Journal Series was created to motivate both children and adults.


How will you or your child/classroom change in 21 days?

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About the Gus Goon Picture Book Series

Gus Goon isn’t scary, honest. In the Gus Goon Series, young readers will join Gus as he goes about his ordinary monster day from sun up until sundown! But if Gus is just a regular monster kid why do some children get spooked when he comes around? Perhaps their opinions are rushed? Let young readers use the unique illustrations to make their own conclusions, ask questions, and start discussions. K.M. Walton brings charm and nuance to this very important lesson on judging others before knowing them. 

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Workshop Reviews

Students at Temple University loved her – even in their cool ways. The week after Kate’s visit they were quoting her. She is such a positive role model for them – to see that teachers can love what they do!

Dr. Jolene Borgese

Educational author and adjunct professor at Temple University

K.M. gave the Keynote address and led a writers’ workshop. The theme for the Summit was ‘Save the World’ and I was impressed by the way K.M.  wove the theme into her talk about the power of kindness to change the world.

Jennifer Johnson

Library Services Coordinator and Teen Forum Manager for York County Libraries

Kate Walton’s anti-bullying speeches inspired my English education students to create lessons and units that address the issue of bullying through reading, writing, and service activities.

Dr. Mary Buckelew

Professor Emerita of English, West Chester University

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